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Helping children cope with fears after tragedy

Amarillo, Texas - Talking with your child about such a tragedy can be difficult for parents.

Hearing about death or traumatic events, or even being in fear of experiencing something they've seen can have life long affects on young children.

And parents can be the most important person on the path to recovery.

Guidance counselor Tracey Morman says moms and dads often make the assumption children are acting they way they do because they are afraid the tragic situation is going to happen to them.

She says that has nothing to do with it.

They have other fears because they internalized it a different way.

Tracey Morman says, "you do the best you can to go back to your routine and be able to put their life back to normal, quote unquote normal. And then just help them as they go through these processes. It's never going to be the same, but to be able to normalize their feelings and their experiences that they had is probably the most important thing."

Morman says it's also important to stick to the facts.

If a child is asking questions about what they've seen, don't elaborate or speculate.

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