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Local businesses gearing up for cell phone ordinance

Amarillo, TX - We are less than a month away from the cell phone ordinance taking effect in Amarillo. We spoke with local businesses today to find out how they're gearing up to put down the phone.

The warning period in Amarillo begins on January 3rd requiring hands-free cell phone use while driving. I set out to find how the many businesses around town who rely on cell phone communication throughout the day are preparing for the change.

A-1 building supply who's employees are out delivering and placing orders all day say phones are a staple in their business. Although they were not in favor of the ordinance, they're still taking measures to ensure their employees are following the soon to be law.

"We'll we don't feel like that's going to be something they have to pay for. We don't agree with that law but we don't feel like that we're going to have to, that we have to force that on our employees if they are doing work to help the company," Sean Eichhorn, co-owner of A-1 Building Supply says.

Eichhorn says they expect to spend up to $400 replacing cell phones and buying Bluetooth head sets for their employees.

The mobile phone center at Best Buy tells us since the ordinance passed in September their Bluetooth sales have jumped, and they expect sales to continue to climb as the January 3rd deadline approaches.

Viewers have voiced several questions of concern regarding the ordinance. One of the most common is regarding fines if you are caught. The fine can be up to $200 plus court costs.

Citations are not considered a moving violation and do not show up on driving records.

The warning period for the ordinance begins on January 3rd and tickets will start being issued February 2nd.

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