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Amarillo bridge name controversy

Amarillo, Texas - The Potter County Commission Chamber was filled to capacity over one agenda item.

It was a one in one out situation in the courtroom over naming the new 3rd and Grand bridge in Amarillo after Manny Perez.

Perez was a Potter County Commissioner for over 20 years who passed away late last year.

The reason for the debate over the naming of this bridge is because some opposed Perez's demeanor and way he chose to interact with individuals.

The court did pass a resolution this morning to name the bridge after Perez, but the final decision is not theirs to make.

Potter Co. Commissioner Mercy Murguia says, "the resolution today is just a piece of paper if you will. But it does speak as a governing body as the potter county commissioner's court. It will be passed onto the city commissioners who ultimately have the vote of what that will be named. But again, the idea of that document is just so loud and clear as a court, we can communicate what we would like that bridge to be named."

The final decision will be made upon completion of the bridge, which is expected to be very soon.

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