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Man rides across U.S. for breast cancer awareness

One man following Route 66 across America made his stop in Amarillo Saturday night. But, his ride isn't just for fun.

Joe Fors left Chicago and is riding across the U.S. to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Fors says he was inspired to make the cross-country trip after the recent death of a loved one who suffered from breast cancer. He wasn't hard to spot either, Fors is wearing a bright pink Elvis costume, his cape signed with names of all the cancer victims he's known and met on his journey.

"It's amazing ho how many people I've run into along the way that have a daughter, mother, a sister who has been affected by breast cancer or just cancer out there in general," said Fors. "I mean, everybody's family has been directly affected by it, so I think everybody needs to get off the couch and do something about it."

Fors continued on his cross country trek Sunday morning, leaving Amarillo and he'll continue riding and raising awareness until he reaches LA.

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