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Amarillo group spreads Christmas cheer to seniors

A group in Amarillo donated some of their time Saturday as they delivered Christmas gifts to seniors and disabled adults across the area.

A Time To Share originated in 1999 and every year deliver gifts, food, pet supplies and other necessities to seniors or adults in Amarillo that are often unable to leave their home. Today, the group served some of that Christmas cheer to some 1,100 clients.

"Service the need of seniors and that's really a forgotten segment when it comes to charitable serving and we feel privileged that we are able to reach out to those people and to serve them," said Vincent Eggers, a board member for A Time To Share. "Its a humbling experience its a wonderful, blessed, I mean we help them but I want to tell you when we deliver to these people they are actually helping us more."

If you'd like more information on A Time To Share, or on more ways to donate. Call them at 353-3846. Donations can also be mailed to A Time To Share, P.O. Box 50005, Amarillo, Texas  79159.

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