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Pampa petition hopes to boost economy

A petition making its way around Pampa right now aims at boosting the city's economy.

We looked in to what's behind it, and what stands in its way.

The only place where you can order a mixed drink in Pampa is at one of the few bars in town, or a private club. But, a petition circulating right now hopes to change that. The petition is to have Pampa residents vote on restaurants being able to sell mixed drinks, which they are currently not allowed to do.

As of now, the petition has reached 1,000 signatures. Two weeks remain for it to gain the more than 300 names still needed.

Creators of the petition say it isn't about the alcohol, that their mission is to bring more business to Pampa.

"There's $60-million available to take advantage of potentially. And we want to see that come into the Pampa area. We want to see the development that that will spur. And if this small petition will allow us to do that, we wanna pursue that," Clinton Williams, petition spokesman says.

We spoke with city officials who have said they are not taking a stance on the petition. They do however say they are welcome to the possibility of new business coming to Pampa.

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