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Consumer group sues company for over 'Nap Nanny' baby recliner

Another product on the shelves has been deemed "hazardous" by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Now, they've filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

The lawsuit was filed against Baby Matters, LLC, the maker of the Nap Nanny, a foam recliner for babies. The recliner is being blamed for five infant deaths, but not all consumers feel it's dangerous.

"I sold some last week," said store owner of Janey at 2500 in Amarillo, Janey Morgan.  But Morgan hasn't just sold Nap Nanny's, she's also used them for her grandchildren.

"We never had any problems at all and have never talked to a customer who had any problems with it or had any concerns about it," she added.

But others have. Five deaths and more than 70 injuries have been linked to these recliners -- babies falling out, suffocating, or getting stuck between the bed and the crib.

Such dangers are specified on the warning labels on the recliners, but, the CPSC said, they're not always followed.

"Some of these deaths have happened where the Nap Nanny's are placed in a crib which is not recommended by the maker," said Spokesperson for CPSC Alex Filip. "But very tired parents do put these things in the crib with the baby asleep in them.

Earlier models of this product were voluntarily recalled in 2010. Changes were made, but apparently not enough.

"We've seen an increase in the number of deaths and the number of incidents," said Filip. "We just can't sit here and allow those numbers to go up."

 But the company, now out of business, is standing by it's product and so are many of it's users.

"Some of it is parental, I think, you want to watch them and not put them anywhere they might be able to roll out of it or have something cover their face," said Morgan. "If I thought they were dangerous in any way, they would not still be on our shelves."

It's still legal to sell the Nap Nanny since it hasn't been officially recalled, although several local stores, including BabiesRUs have pulled it from their shelves.

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