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Charter school waiting lists in Amarillo

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Amarillo, Texas - The school has had a waiting list for students wanting to attend almost since the very beginning.

Griffin says class size is a main reason students want to be a part of the charter school.

Abby Bolton is a student at Vista and she says, "it's the same curriculum for everyone, but it's more personalized in the teaching you get. You ask a teacher for help and they give it to you however you want it, because it's just person to person and not a big class."

Ironically enough, what's attracting students to this school, is the same thing keeping them waiting.

Griffin tells us, "we've been looking to expand for the past couple of years, and we have bought a piece of property now. It's almost five acres. It's 4.61 acres. And we are building a building that will house about 400 plus kiddos."

Now that the school has the space, there's still something holding them back.

Director of Communication Thomas Terry says, "having a cap on the number of charter schools prevents high quality charter schools from other states from coming in and really providing an outstanding education."

Texas education officers are asking legislators at the start of next year to lift the cap on new charter schools through out Texas.

And Griffin and Terry agree and support this decision.

Richard Milburn Academy is the only other charter school in Amarillo.

They have a waiting list as well, and also support the cap being lifted.