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Amarillo man donates computers to children in need

Computers and Christmas spirit - not two things you'd normally pair together, but that's exactly what a few folks in Amarillo are combining to make sure the needs of children in our area are met.

For the past several years, Paul Green, owner of Nut'n Works, has taken something old and made it new again.

"Refurbishing computers and giving them out to different ministries to hand out to kids that can't afford to get online," explained Green.

So far, he's refurbished seven computers that were donated to him. Three of those, he gave to Cornerstone Church in Amarillo. Gifts the church hopes to use to serve families in the San Jacinto area.

"For families in this area we've really determined that very few of them seem to have computer access, email access," explained Mark Wilbourn, Associate Minister at Cornerstone.

"I think the way schools are going now," added Green. "Having access to a computer to do their homework or search the web for the studies I think is important."

Before Green can give away the computers, they have to first be donated to him by the good people of the community. Then, he devotes some of his free time to cleaning them up. A caring gesture that goes several layers deep.

"I wipe the hard drive to DOD standards and then reinstall the operating system," explained Green.

After about hours of free labor per computer, each machine's hard drive will have been wiped, it will have new operating system and then it's hand delivered to churches like Cornerstone.

"When we give to other people we are really expressing love and we want to show love to this community and show love to the people around our church here," said Wilbourn. "Once you start a cycle of giving, it just keeps going."

Green also hopes to eventually get some Internet service providers on board to donate a few months of Internet service to the kids who receive computers. Plus, Green is also offering 30 free minutes of online tech support to anyone who donates a computer. If you're interested in donating a computer to Nut'n Works, give them a call at 416-1605.

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