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Mystery shopper scam in the panhandle

Amarillo, Texas - Mystery shopping is popping up more in the panhandle this holiday season.

For those who are not familiar, mystery shopping refers to people who do shopping for a business, or are used to test employees or a product, in disguise.

Janna Kiel from the Better Business Bureau tells us not all mystery shopping is bad.

She has received several calls over the past few weeks from residents wanting to learn more about this job.

Kiehl says a good example of positive mystery shopping is when a well known company can pay you a fair wage and not ask for money up front.

Janna Kiehl says, "if someone truly wants to hire you to do some mystery shopping for their business, then they pay you. You don't pay them. And if you're asked to evaluate a company or evaluate a check, make some deposits, or maybe take some things and reship them with that money, those are red flags."

An area resident received a suspicious check in the mail after deciding to be a mystery shopper and ending up owing her bank nearly 2,000 dollars.

Kiehl says it's important to research the companies and make phone calls to get all of the information before committing.

If you have any questions or want more information, you can call the BBB at (806)379-7133.

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