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Nursing students helping build healthier community

Area students reached out to hundreds in need Tuesday helping build a healthier community. WTA&MU nursing students worked for months to put up a health fair Tuesday for people in our area without shelter.

WT Nursing Student Miranda Thompson says, "Some things that we thought maybe we need on a daily basis, that's not really some of the needs that they needed." 59 year old David Turner is from the area and currently without a home. He took part in the event. Turner says, "They've given us all kinds of personal hygiene items, you know, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks... It's mine I won't have to borrow them now."

Turner has been staying at the Salvation Army for the past month and a half. He says he can't apply for jobs at the moment because he has brain damage from a motorcycle accident.

It's people like Turner students want to help. More than 30 students went to different businesses and churches asking for donations. WT Nursing Student Cody Bunch says, "Nursing is not only about taking care of patients in hospitals, it's about reaching out to people in the community. Working together to make a healthier community. "

WT Nursing Student Kah Adeck says, "I'm not from this country, I'm from Africa. So, I kind of understand how it is not to have, you know, essential things. Just minor things, and I think this was a very good opportunity for our population class to have this to make us more aware of what people are going through."

Each student donated a pair of socks. They gave out first-aid kits and warm winter clothing. Students also offered health screenings. They raised more than $2,000 to be able to help people like Turner.

Turner says, "It saves me buying them. Things are so high I can't, can't afford them." He says he appreciates the community's efforts. "It's joyous to me I'm serious. I can't believe the freedom that they have, I mean, to help us. I don't know. It's just great. "

Adeck says, "It's amazing to see just how many people don't have homes, and it's a good opportunity to share that moment with them and help them in the little way we can."

Nursing students say their mission is to develop an intervention plan to help build a healthier community and prevent illness.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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