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Borger credit and debit card fraud

Borger, Texas - Debit and credit card fraud is on the rise in a Borger.

There have been 16 credit card abuse reports in less than two months in Borger.

The Assistant Chief of the Borger Police Department says these cases of fraud can have a damaging affect on people in the community, especially this time of year.

All a crook needs is your credit card number and the three or four numbers on the back of the card to make purchases.

And if you have an increased balance for holiday shopping, within hours they can completely clean out your account.

Chief Bruce Roberts is shocked by the spike in credit card theft this year.

Chief Roberts says, "we're not sure at this point of the dollar value, but to the citizens of Borger. It's too much. Any credit card theft or abuse is too much. But when you're talking about 16 cases just in our community, that's about one percent of the community. That's too much."

He says while holiday shopping, if a business has a broken credit card machine, do not do it.

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