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Holiday grief counseling need

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Amarillo, Texas - If you're mourning the loss of a loved one over the holidays, an Amarillo organization it here to offer support.

Coping with the death of a close friend or family member can be hard year round, but even tougher for some over the holidays.

Danny Mize of Hospice Care of the Southwest says people grieving over the holidays have a tendency to pull away and want to be private in their grief.

He also understands how it can be difficult for people to attend a grief support group or presentation like coping with grief during the holidays because they may feel like they're going to be put in an uncomfortable situation.

Danny Mize says, "in our grief groups and presentations we don't put anybody on the spot. If they want to talk they can. But we try to make it a very comfortable environment. It's important just to get the word out and let people know, here's a non threatening environment where they can receive support. There's nothing wrong with a person who says I need some additional support during this time."

Sunday, December 2nd there is a holiday grief presentation at 6:00 at Washington Avenue Christian Church.

For more information on upcoming presentations or dates for the grief support series, you can contact Hospice Care of the Southwest at (806)356-0026.