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Connecting the internet and farming

Amarillo, TX - New technology aimed to make farming more efficient was brought to this year's Farm and Ranch Show in Amarillo.

This year's Farm and Ranch show highlighted how the internet is becoming prominent in agriculture.

Companies and researchers are making it possible to manage farming aspects via the internet. They are calling it the inter-connected farm. One company doing that is called IntelliAir who specializes in grain management. Their system helps farmers develop a better product more cost efficiently.

Texas A&M AgriLife extension says that's their goal.

"Ag is an ever changing field, and technology is becoming an integral part of producers not only managing their crops, but also all of the inputs into their crops in order to be the most profitable, because profitability is our main concern," Kristy Synatschk, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension County Extension Agent Hutchinson County says.

Not only will the technology presented over the week improve the quality of agriculture products, but we're also told consumers pockets will benefit from those improvements.

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