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Dirty water in area homes

Some area residents say they've waited years for their water to become clearer.

Several residents in Clarendon say they're frustrated because they continue to have dirty water. And even though the city says it's safe, they refuse to drink it.

Brandon Hunter says, "Whenever I tasted it the first time, it burnt my throat. It was pretty bad."

John Lockhart says, "I don't want to drink it. I don't care if it's good for me. Safe for me to drink, I don't want to drink it." Lockhart says the city should have fixed this issue months ago.

He says "When I put my grandson in for a bath, there's a brownish tint to the water. Even a little bit of a settlement. When the water is drained out, it's still left in the tub."

On some days the water shows clearer because lines are drained, but Lockhart says it's not constant. Stains are left from the dirty water. Lockhart says he's going out of his way to get drinking water.

"I just collect jugs of water from a friend of mine's house out in the country. And that's what we drink." Other residents say on top of their $75.00 water bill, they're spending an additional $30.00 to buy water bottles and gallons. But the city says engineers are doing a comprehensive water system study to locate the pipes that need to be replaced.

City Administrator Lambert Little says, "We will be able to replace those pipes and completely alleviate the problem. In our favor the city of Clarendon has started flushing the fire hydrants more regularly. So we keep more water moving and that flushes the dirty water out."

Little also says Greenbelt Water Authority is working on supplying more water. He says, "When we have a more plentiful water source available. Then people can use more water. The dirty water issue will pretty much fix itself."

The city will begin replacing pipes and rehabilitating streets in about three months with a bond of $1.5 million.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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