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Area patients demanding answer from orthodontist

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Area dental patients who aren't receiving answers from a local orthodontist can take another step to get them.

Lea Ann Armstrong has a 15 year-old needing to have his braces removed. She says, "I'm really angry because there's nothing I can do... We're kind of stuck. And no one can take the braces off nor can they get the orthodontic care that they need."

19 year-old Mitzi Rodriguez is facing the same situation. Rodriguez says, "I come everyday and see if they're here. They're not open. I've been sending emails. I've been calling. And nothing's working."

These area residents say the office doors have been locked for weeks. And this is the response they get: "The mailbox belonging to, Goodwin Orthodontics' emergency line only, is full and cannot accept new messages at this time."

Doctor Michael Goodwin, his wife Patricia and employee Annette Hastings are facing 12 counts of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit it.

Residents say they want answers soon. Rodriguez says, "It's affecting my teeth because it hurts. The teeth are shifting. So it's hurting and then I'm starting to get gaps." And Armstrong says, "My son has lost five brackets. he has wire in his gum."

They need the medical records to receive care from other orthodontists. Rodriguez says, "I've been to two different orthodontists, and they all tell me the same thing."

Local attorneys say patients are entitled to their medical records. They can send certified letters to Goodwin's home, business and attorney's office requesting them.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.