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AACAL iPads vs textbooks

Amarillo, Texas - Textbooks at an area school will soon be a thing of the past after a popular form of technology moves in.

All students at the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning will now be using iPads as their textbooks.

The school began distributing the iPads to all of their nearly 900 students last week.

Principal Jay Barrett says these will allow teachers to customize learning for their students and create content of their own.

He tells us they also act as a major benefit for students who are sick or have to miss class.

Teachers can publish information and students can work on the math problems at home or watch the video lesson on their tablet, as if they were sitting at their desk in class.

Principal Barrett says, "by January we will be up and running with our netteks. We are going to go totally away from the existing text books that we have. Our teachers are able to create videos, white board lessons, tutorials.  Things that kids can watch at home and then learn from the next day."

He says textbooks will still be around as a resource, just like books in the library.

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