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Man in custody after escaping from police near Vega

A man is now in custody after escaping from state troopers Sunday evening in Oldham County.

State troopers pulled over a vehicle two miles outside of Vega yesterday night around 7 o'clock. According to reports, troopers located more than 8 lbs. of PCP in the vehicle.

"In the process of arresting them. They already had one handcuffed, seated in the car working on some of the others and this guy took off and ran," David Medlin, Oldham County Sheriff says.

Treava Coleman and Markaze Tart were both arrested on narcotics charges. But, state troopers say Robert Ford led them and Oldham County sheriffs deputies on a chase.

"We spent several hours last night trying to find him. Had the helicopter from DPS flying and several people on the ground looking. And anyway, didn't find him and so we came back this morning and before we really got going good he'd shown up at a house here in town," Medlin says.

Ford was found two blocks west of the Vega court house.

But residents here were on high alert since last night.

"Of course you know we called some of the people out near where we were searching. And I understand it was all over Facebook and everything within a matter of minutes so. Same thing this morning, by the time we brought the guy in to the jail here, two blocks away, it was already on Facebook he's been caught," Medlin says.

After finding out the schools were on lock down, two mothers sat outside the court house this morning until they found out the final suspect was in custody.

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