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Amarillo group helps bring hope to struggling pet owners

The city shelter stays at maximum capacity throughout the year. That forces them to euthanize adoptable animals daily.

Now a new organization, Panhandle Paws of Hope, is looking to help keep animals in their homes, by offering assistance to those in tight financial spots.

"People are taking animals to animal control because they can't take care of them anymore," said Gayle Luna, Founder of Panhandle Paws of Hope. "We have so many groups here in town that are trying to help place those animals, but lets try and help those animals from going to the shelter."

Animals like Butler who was dumped at Gayle's gate, Ledger who's owners left him in a pool area at an apartment complex, or Harley and Sonny who were set to be taken to the city shelter. They're a few of the lucky one's that ended up in Gayle's care. Their stories aren't unique, for owners who don't want to part with their pets, or who are taking in strays to avoid having them be put down at the city shelter. For people like cat lover Cathy Horton, there is now help.

"There are people that are dumping strays out in the country. . .they were cute when they were kittens. . .now they've grown up and they dump them. So I'm feeding around a dozen cats."

"Because of the over pet population we've got to sterilize," said Horton. "We have vouchers in town for low cost but when you live out in the country and you have animals dumped constantly, even fifty dollars is hard to come up with."

In the future the group plans to offer financial help to those who need their animals spayed or neutered.  Animals provide comfort, companionship, sometimes they're our best friends. And now for pet lovers like Cathy, Panhandle Paws of Hope is offering a sort of back up plan, a brighter future for those who may otherwise lose hope.

Panhandle Paws of Hope will be holding an adoption event December 8 at Tractor Supply located at I-27 and Hollywood.

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