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Black Friday in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - It was a chilly start for many people in the panhandle that started their holiday shopping early this morning and yesterday evening. We've been following the Black Friday rush around town.

There has been a constant crowd at Target ever since they opened their doors at 9 o'clock Thanksgiving night. The sales going on will last through tomorrow.

We went inside earlier to see what things were like in the store., and surprisingly Target has kept everything well stocked. Many of the customers we spoke with here said it has been easy for them to get in and get out.

Some of today's shoppers are here for their second round.

"Now I did come to Target last night and there was a pretty long line, but today it was so much better. It seemed like they had supplies of everything this year. I wasn't going to the TV's or anything like that, but we got everything we had on our list," Elisha Leathers, a local shopper said.

The biggest complaint we've heard has been about the traffic. The parking lot at Target had been nearly full all day.

Inside, Target seems to have scattered sale items, perhaps an effort to get consumers to hunt for deals, and pick up other items along the way.

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