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The Salvation Army prepares for big Thanksgiving dinner

Amarillo, TX - This year the Salvation Army in Amarillo is taking a new approach on Thanksgiving.

Their focus is not just on the meal but instead, the entire experience.

The Salvation Army has been working hard to get everything ready.

They've always provided a dinner but they are trying to do more than that this year, they want people to really embrace the holiday.

Their doors will be open from 12 to 2 Thursday afternoon and over 100 volunteers will be there earlier to set up.

When guests come in they'll be sat at a table and waited on, something that hasn't happened in the past.

Several hosts will be join them in order to encourage conversation.

"It's the total experience that we are inviting people to engage in. We are also going to have time to offer prayer for folks and have an opportunity for them to share things around the table that they are thankful for this year. It's just like we do it at my house, with my family. So we are looking forward to offering that kind of experience," says Mjr. Harvey Johnson, The Salvation Army.

They are expecting 300 people Thursday afternoon but are prepared to serve nearly 500 if needed.

The Salvation Army has been preparing food all week and already have 28 turkeys ready to be served. 

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