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Texas court approves do-it-yourself divorce forms

Texas - Do-it-yourself divorces could possibly be an option in Texas.

There are some low-income couples in the state who want to get a divorce but cannot afford to hire a lawyer, that's why the Texas Supreme Court recently decided to move forward with a standardized form to meet their needs.

If passed, it would be tailored to Texas law and be available to those filing uncontested divorces from marriages without children and real estate.

In 2011, 58,000 Texas residents filed lawyer-less cases in family courts.

But not everyone is happy with the idea.

Some lawyers say this would be dangerous and are concerned that people won't be aware they're entitled to retirement or other benefits that have accrued to their spouse

The supreme court understands the forms will not work in every circumstance but they say it will be an integral part of any effort to aid low-income litigants.

The form will be published in the Texas Bar Journal for public comment through February 1st.

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