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Housing market pulse

Amarillo, Texas - Some people in our area are having concerns about selling their houses, that's according to an Amarillo realtor.

There aren't problems selling houses in our area, the challenge comes with getting owners to list their house on the market.

Chris Lyons of Lyons Realty says, "I think in a year from now it could be good. There is some concerns out there with the building and not having available lots. But existing inventory, I think people will come around and start listing their house and I think they'll sell."

As of right now, if no new houses were going to come on the market, it would take just over five and half months to sell through the current inventory.

Lyons tells me in a perfect market six to six and a half months is perfect.

We are obviously a little under, but it shows improvement from last year.

And we have told you about the need for more available lots in our area, but a realtor from Keller Williams Realty tells us about lots available now, and how things are looking next year.

Jen Medkief says, "there are developments that are available to build on now. There's just not as many that are within the city. There are developments such as green ways that does have a lot available. Places like hillside terrace will next year. There's a lot of building going on in city view and things like that. So there's a lot working. I wouldn't say that we're going into a downturn with building."

She says building is even right now, but next year there will be more availability and options.

Both say now is a great time to sell.

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