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New details on train collision in Midland

Midland, TX - We have new details on the train collision in Midland that killed four veterans.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the veterans who died were on the left side of the float but the impact actually happened on the right side.

Investigators are currently trying to figure out exactly how that could have happened.

According to newly released information, the warning system was activated 20 seconds before the accident.

Although bells were sounding and lights were flashing, the truck began crossing the train tracks.

The NTSB says the train also sounded its horn nine seconds before the crash.

Cameras and data records show the guardrail hit the truck, then the engineer pulled the emergency brake and tried to bring the train traveling at 62 mph to a halt.

Investigators say Smith industries, which is an oil field services company, is the owner of the truck that served as the float for the veterans last Thursday.

It is unsure if the driver worked for the company but organizers of the parade have been using the same route for three years.

Investigators expect to interview the driver of the float Monday and hope to review all recordings.

A sight-distance test is scheduled for Tuesday morning, which will include a similar train and truck to test what went wrong.

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