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Energy drink hospitalization

Amarillo, Texas - As more deaths and hospitalizations are linked to energy drinks, their creators still claim their innocence.

A college student from WT tells me using energy drinks while studying for finals left her hospitalized and in a lot of pain.

Viri Diaz says between school and work, she found herself drinking 5- hour energy drinks, as well as several other drinks high in caffeine.

She says she woke up on the morning of a big test feeling very weak.

Her mother took her to the hospital and the doctor knew what had caused her to have what she says is the worst pain she's ever experienced.

Viri Diaz says, "we ended up going to the hospital and they pretty much told me it was because of all the caffeine that I had in my system. They said my kidneys and my liver had an infection because of all the caffeine. It was like an overdose on caffeine. They had to pretty much had to flush my system out."

She tells me she was hospitalized for two days.

Makers of these drinks say moderation is key.

Drinking too much of anything can lead to health issues, even water.

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