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CBS personality visits world-renowned restaurant in Amarillo

It's a world-renowned restaurant and now the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo is getting a little more national publicity.

Bill Geist from the CBS Sunday Morning show will be featuring the Big Texan in a story for the network's upcoming food show. But while he was in town, he experienced a whole lot more than just food, like the 72 ounce steak challenge.

"50 people were standing up there just screaming and yelling," said Geist as he described the scene at the Big Texan Wednesday night. "It was like being at a college football game."

The 72 ounce steak challenge is only on of the "quirks" that drew Bill Geist and CBS to Amarillo this week.

"We're doing a piece for our food show which is every year before Thanksgiving," explained Geist.  "We like the restaurant itself, but I think we do quirky stories and Texas definitely has it's share," he laughed.

In true Texas fashion, owners of the recognized restaurant welcomed them with open arms.

"This was one of those wonderful things where the phone rings and they're like hey, we'd like to come in and shoot some stuff for the Big Texan and we're with CBS," said Co-Owner of the Big Texan Bobby Lee. "And I said wonderful, come on in."

Geist and his crew also spent time getting video around Amarillo and even out at the canyon, adding to the list of endearing *quirks* that made Amarillo and the Big Texan the perfect choice for their story.

"I love characters. I live off of characters. If it weren't for places like this, I wouldn't have a job."

After spending about a day a half in Amarillo, the crew wrapped up the shoot at the Big Texan where they got a true taste of the Texas Panhandle.

"Are you going to try the steak?", asked NewsChannel 10's Emily Griffin. "I am going to try the steak, but I'm not anxious," laughed Geist. "I think I'm going to make myself look pretty bad."

But the food wasn't the only taste Geist had of Amarillo.

"We were out shooting billboards today and I did notice the wind and then I looked across the road and there's a wind farm. I mean, someone's already figured this out." he said. "I've always wanted to come here."

By being highlighted on a national platform, Amarillo can hope he won't be the only one who feels that way.

"It's a great move for the entire area, it's a great move for the Big Texas, it's great for Amarillo that people will see this and go hey, that look like a fun place, let's go there," said Lee.

"I think the piece is going to be better than I expected," added Geist. "It was just very, very fun."

If you're interested in checking out Bill Geist's story on the Big Texan and his time in Amarillo, it will air on CBS November 18, Sunday morning at nine thirty.

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