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Pain-free at the dentist

A new dental technology that aims to keep dentist visits pain-free is now available in our area.

Many Americans fear the dentist mostly because of the pain. But, a new device is making those visits pain-free It's called the DentalVibe and was even featured on the hit show The Doctors.

"It pulses, it vibrates, and it percusses. It kind of tricks the brain into not feeling the injection," Cindy Schmidt, DDS at Class I Dental Associates says.

The DentalVibe has been successful with Dr. Schmidt's patients so far.

"It's been great. We had a very anxious patient yesterday and we used that. We had to give an injection for her front teeth, and those are pretty uncomfortable. We used that on her and she was pretty pleased with it," Schmidt says.

Class I Dental is the only general dentist office to offer this new technology.

"Our aim at this practice has always been to make dentistry more comfortable and help people overcome their fear of dentistry. Our main goal is just to make the experience better for our patients," Schmidt says.

Similar products are available, but haven't been as successful.

"They've had ultrasonic vibrating instruments for injections, but the brain kind of adjusts and gets used to that. And, this one since it does the pulsing and the vibrating, it kind of tricks the brain. It doesn't know what's coming so it doesn't get used to the sensation and you don't feel the injection so much," Schmidt says.

Children will also greatly benefit from the new DentalVibe.

"The company makes some little caps that go over it that are animals and so forth to, you know kind of entertain the children, too," Schmidt says.

"And you know if we can get a child and have them be comfortable with the dentist from the beginning, then generally they become good dental patients from then on. So that will be another advantage," Schmidt says.

Although they have yet to use the DentalVibe on a child  patient, they do plan to keep using it more often.

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