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Amarillo businesses boom thanks to WRCA Ranch Rodeo

This weekend kicks off the 17th Annual WRCA Ranch Rodeo and it's not only a good time for the folks who attend. Cash flow is also picking up across the city for all kinds of businesses.

"It has about a two million dollar, maybe over that, economic impact in our city in four of five days," said Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council Director of Communication, Eric Miller.

   Those two million dollars aren't confined to the civic center either. They're being spent all over Amarillo at restaurants, gas stations and of course, hotels.

"If you're looking for a hotel room this weekend, you might have a tough time," laughed Miller.

"The calls have been coming in starting two to three months ago and as of now, all 138 rooms are booked for tonight and tomorrow night," said Sales Manager for Ashmore Inn & Suites Colten Hibbs.

    About 85 percent of the rooms at Ashmore Inn and Suites is designated to the WRCA, but every last room is full.  Hotels aren't the only businesses affected. Having an additional 30,000-40,000 people in town is also overloading the dry cleaners.

"We've gotten a ton of jeans," said Manager of Village Cleaners Mario Gonzales. "What they come in here for is the heavy starch."

On a normal day, Village Cleaners usually has about two racks full of clothes, but owners told NewsChannel 10, during the Ranch Rodeo weekend, they'll triple the number of clothing items they normally receive.

"We usually run about 200-300 pants a day but since we've taken on that and certain events when they come into town, we've actually done 600-700 pants in a day now," added Gonzales.

    MAking this weekend, a fun and profitable one for almost everyone.

"Events like this really boost our end of year sales," said Hibbs.

"It's great for business," added Gonzales.

   The WRCA recently announced it'll stay in Amarillo for another three years, celebrating it's 20th anniversary in 2015. 

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