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Synthetic Addiction

Many have tried synthetic drugs thinking they are safer. But users are discovering the opposite is true.

24 year-old Amber Krueger came to Amarillo's Faith City from Guymon to recover from her five year addiction to synthetic marijuana. Amber began the year long rehab program just a few weeks ago.

She says her family made her realize she needed to stop her addiction. Amber says, "The addiction, how powerful it was that I needed it. And I didn't want something to be more important to me than my own life."

Amber says she went from smoking regular marijuana to synthetic. She says her brother introduced it to her and they were smoking it together.

Amber says, "My heart would beat really fast and the high would last almost too long." She says addiction hurts the ones you love. "I remember my mother crying because she just wanted it to stop. Putting my son through all that and him being changed because I was not the mother that I needed to be."

Amber says she wanted and needed to be a good mother, but she just didn't change quick enough. She now has new goals in life. "Become a mother that I need to be and make life changes. And not have addiction hold me back from what is me. I'm at the point of finding who I really am. And that addiction doesn't make anybody who they are."

When asked what does she think about synthetic drugs now, she says, "I think that it's a very very bad thing for an underage kid to be able to go in and get synthetic narcotics. And because it sends a message to kids that it's alright to get addicted."

Amber says she hopes her example makes a difference in area teens' lives.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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