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Area teens getting arrested for possessing synthetic drugs

Many teens in Texas are admitting they've tried a synthetic drug.

About 600 high school juniors in Amarillo say they've used a synthetic drug at least once this year. Randall County Officials say dozens of area teens, including 17 year olds, are getting arrested facing possession of synthetic marijuana.

Impact Futures is a local drug-free community coalition. Its project coordinator Christy Kennon says, "Kids are getting it. They can get it from their older friends, older siblings. And so it's pretty readily available. "

Kennon says the most common bath salts are known as "Hurricane Charlie" and "Ivory". And synthetic marijuana is known as "K2" or "Spice".

Kennon says, "Synthetic drugs are something that's not organic in nature. It's actually been derived from chemical synthesis, which is where the synthetic part comes from. And synthetic drugs are highly addictive." Synthetic marijuana costs are ranging from $7 to $30 for just a gram.

Teens are buying the narcotics from area smoke shops, locally-owned convenience stores and the Internet. Kennon says, "The Internet is a very common source. And they can get a bulk amount for a discounted price."

Some vendors are buying as much as $25,000 worth of these drugs every 3 days to give to area teens. Others are making it in town. Kennon says, "Especially when you're looking at synthetic cannabinoids. They can take just any type of substance. I mean, it can be, you know, a leafy substance whatever. And they're spraying chemicals on it. So it's actually the chemicals that are causing the problem, and so they can do that. You know the police or sheriff's departments have found just batches of this stuff."

Impact Futures wants to get the message across to teens that just because you can purchase synthetic drugs locally doesn't mean it's safe or legal.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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