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Panhandle people speak out about controversial election issues

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The polls are closed after Tuesday night's elections but the door to controversy is still wide open.

They weren't voted on in every state but some hot button items were issues like Colorado's decriminalization of marijuana and New York's legalizing of same-sex marriage are still being talked about everywhere, including Amarillo.

"I know it's an illegal drug but if you legalize it then we could get taxes from it and that helps our companies and our communities, said Amarillo resident, Deena Fowler.

"We can't be putting people in jail for thinks like that, things like marijuana," added another local resident, George Blake.

But even in Amarillo, not everyone agrees.

NewsChannel 10 asked viewers on Facebook how they felt about some of the issues and Jennifer said "Can't talk on your phone and drive but yet it's legal to smoke dope? Our country has completely gone downhill."

Many commentors seemed supportive of same-sex marriage like Kaylee who said "If someone wants to marry someone of the same sex, who cares!"

But several folks NewsChannel 10 talked to in Amarillo did in fact, seem to care.

"The eight states that already have legalized same-sex marriage," said Amarillo local Jackie Lastegin. "Hurricane Sandy went straight down the middle of them. So I think we're getting a warning sign to wake up."

"I can't say unAmerican, but I think it's immoral," added Blake. "It's going to expand and it's not going to be a good thing."

Voters in Oklahoma also passed a ban on some affirmative action programs regarding certain types of employment.

That, too sparked debate. One woman told NewsChannel 10, there's a reason we've had them for a reason, however, another person commented on Facebook saying we never should have had affirmative action in the first place.