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Voter turnout decrease

Amarillo, Texas - Randall County voter turnout for this year's elections was a little different than year's past. 

The total number of voters in three significant races were less than four years ago.

The amount of Randall County voters has been pretty consistent for the presidential race going back to 2004, but there was a small decrease of a couple thousand voters when comparing last night to four years ago.

Up until then, the Randall County voters have been on a steady rise since 1996, gaining a couple thousand voters each election.

Fewer Randall County residents voted for the US senator position this year as well, but there was a significant increase from 2000.

The voter amount continues to go down when it comes to the US Representative District 13 race.

Last night, about 46,500 Randall County residents voted.

While in 2008, over 51,000 cast their vote.

The total number of registered Randall County voters has risen over 30,000 since 1990.

But we're told early voting numbers are down 14 percent in comparison to four years ago.

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