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Area students "Step Up to Success"

Many students in the region are going to college with the help of the community.

Hundreds of middle and high school students are stepping up to success with the guidance, support, and inspiration community leaders and professionals are giving them. Today's event has been reaching out to around 600 area students annually for over three decades.

Los Barrios de Amarillo sponsors the event, and its vice president John Salazar says, "It's just a really good time and an opportunity to put all these students that are about to graduate high school and kind of show them the positions that are available out there. And to hear the personal stories from the business community. "

Erika Castillo is a senior at Hart High School who attended the event today. She says, "It's really inspired me in my college career. I'm really undecided in what I want to do, and what college I want to go to. And it's really helping me out in deciding that."

Students were able to receive advice from area professionals telling them about various careers, and guiding them on how they can make it possible to get ahead.

Precinct 2 Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia says, "I served as a keynote speaker today. I'm certainly speaking to the platform of my potter county commissioner seat, but more importantly I was a student and attended Los Barrios de Amarillo. And was also a scholarship recipient of the program. So I really feel, in terms of paying it forward, and I am a student. I am a product of these organizations. " Castillo says, "She didn't have a lot to go to college with, money wise, and she found a way to get through that. And it really inspired me."

The goal of Los Barrios de Amarillo is to give out many scholarships to area students. Despite budget cuts, the event is still receiving a lot of support with scholarships from area businesses. And it's students like Castillo who benefit. She says, "I don't have the financial help right now. So I feel like the scholarships would help a lot."

17 area students received scholarships last year. Los Barrios hopes to give out even more this school year with the help of fundraisers.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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