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Pavillard home auction

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Amarillo, Texas - After not being able to collect taxes from a Potter County mobile home park, some of those homes were put up for auction in Amarillo.

Following unpaid taxes at Amarillo Estates, 17 vacant mobile homes were sold, totaling approximately 33,000 dollars.

The Potter County Tax Assessor says if taxes cannot be collected through normal procedures, then the city has to do a tax foreclosure.

Not all of the homes received bids, and he tells us they will just leave the properties there and can go back and resell them at any time.

Robert Miller says, "there will be another sale of homes that are unoccupied in December. We looking at about another 30 or 35 of those homes will be for sale then. Then we're going to have two additional sales. One will be in march and the other one will be in April of next year. Those will be the homes that are right now occupied."

He says the reason he broke it up in to four different sales was to prepare the residents and hopefully motivate them to pay their taxes.