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Information on precinct locations

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Amarillo, TX - Polling locations are now open across the state and this morning area residents waited in line to cast their ballot.

NewsChannel 10 was there when the doors opened at the Randall County Annex center this morning.

About thirty minutes before doors opened at 7 Amarillo residents gathered outside the building.

We spoke to an area voter who says she was excited to do her part.

"A lot of people think, if you live in a certain color state and if you want to vote for the other color President, that it's really not going to make a difference but it will. It may not make a difference this time, but maybe it will next time. Or it will make a difference for our kids whenever it's their turn to start voting," says Rhoda Breeden, area voter.

At the same time, there are others who want to vote but don't know where to go.

Phones are ringing off the hook at the Randall County Elections Office, the County Clerk tells us they are overwhelmed with calls and have posted a map of precincts on their website to help.

Potter County says they are also having the same problem.

As a reminder, your precinct number can be found on the front of your voter registration card.

That number is paired with a specific polling location.

Polls will be open until 7 o'clock tonight.

After that, Potter and Randall counties will be posting election results on their websites throughout the night.