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Salvation Army Christmas assistance signup's extended

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Amarillo, TX - There are only 10 days before the Salvation Army angel trees go up around town. But as of now, those trees will be a little bare.

The Salvation army has extended registration for it's holiday help. Over the past two weeks they've received sign ups from just over half the families they have planned for.

"We just want to make sure as many of the folks that are in need get the assistance that is available," Major Harvey Johnson, Salvation Army COmmanding Officer says.

That's why the Salvation Army is extending it's deadline for families in need of holiday help to sign up for assistance.  

"Well, we do know there are other groups that assist. But the numbers aren't with other kinds of assistance we do, like for rent or utilities, or even in our emergency shelter. Our numbers are all up. So we didn't think it's because the economic climate has changed significantly. I just think people aren't thinking Christmas yet," Major Johnson says.

Major Johnson also says the warm weather lately might be playing a role.

"It is important though because we'll have groups taking the angels to start in the next 10 days. So we have to get all the information processed and out to all those folks that participate so that they'll have time to get those gifts and we get everything put together in a appropriate manner," Major Johnson says.

Those who sign up will need to bring proof of ID for all family members, proof of school enrollment for children 15 to 18 as well as proof of income for all family members and all monthly bills.

"For way past the majority of people they barely have enough to meet the monthly situation. Most do not. So it's hardly any discretionary money for people. This helps them to have the extra things to make their holidays the way we like ours," Major Johnson says.

Registration will go through this week from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Amarillo Salvation Army Church.