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FIM program at Will Rogers elementary

Amarillo, Texas - Students are now playing games on computers to learn about a subject in school with lifelong importance.

Since September, Will Rogers Elementary has solved nearly 450 thousand math problems.

And teachers say a big thanks goes to the First in Math Program.

The First in Math Online Program is meant to get students excited about math.

It allows the kids to progress at their own pace and master math skills ranging from addition to algebra.

It also includes problem solving and reasoning, but presented in a game format.

A fourth grade teacher says it links together math and computer games, making it less of a struggle to get them to do their homework.

Mayra Curiel says, "the kids have always struggled with math and they need a lot of extra practice. So this program was able to provide that extra, additional practice in the form of games and the computer. The kids love anything that has to do with a computer. I was asking one of my kids why he liked it and he said it's kind of like a video game."

She says all of Will Rogers uses it, from first grade to fifth grade.

Teachers say there has been a noticeable improvement in the students math skills, and expect this program to stick around for a very long time.

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