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Historic steam locomotive roars into Amarillo

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A live steam locomotive came roaring into Amarillo Saturday with hundreds around to watch.

The locomotive, called the U.P. 844 has never stopped in Amarillo before but has traveled some 15,000 miles this year alone, making stops across the United States. It was purchased back in 1944 and has never been retired, making this piece of history a rare sight in Amarillo and an exciting one at that.

"Steam locomotives are, are something your not going to see every day," said Heritage Equipment Sr. Manager Ed Dickens. "We have a Santa Fe type locomotive, a Texas type with the Santa Fe Railroad over here just to our left. Locomotives like this haven't operated since 1959 on the U.P. network."

During it's stop in Amarillo Saturday, the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society also hosted tours of an Amarillo engine to celebrate the Union Pacific's 150th birthday and draw attention to a special project -- restoring the Madame Queen engine. Organizers with the nonprofit hope this would bring an economic boost, tourism and a dose of fun to Amarillo.