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Texas water plan being discussed

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The drought to continues to affect people in the panhandle and the state.

Some lawmakers say a water plan would help the state and others don't think it's enough for what we need.

That's why they are debating all the issues right now before the legislative session in January.

According to the State Water Development Board, $53 billion dollars is estimated as the price tag needed to assure water security and also make sure businesses across the state don't lose billions of dollars every year.

Last session lawmakers distributed about $100 million dollars into state water projects and some state representatives think it barely put a dent in the need and was far from helping long term.

That's why long-term funding strategies are being discussed.

One idea that has been looked at before is a tap fee for connecting homes and businesses to the water system.

Lawmakers threw it out in 2011 but may look at it once again since our water situation has gotten worse.