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Many area students will benefit from donation

Many area students will be able to continue their studies thanks to funds raised from a recent local event.

Laura Gonzalez is a sophomore at Amarillo College studying petroleum engineering. It's donations and funds raised like the $33,000 her school received today that's helping her afford a higher education.

Gonzalez says, "It's really sad that something as simple as money is detaining us from really growing into something bigger and grand. And it shouldn't be that way. So for us to be able to have opportunities or help such as this means the world just in the matter that they're helping make our education be possible."

Gonzalez is just one of dozens of AC students who will benefit. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's recent visit to Amarillo raised the funds given to AC today.

This way the college can provide more scholarships. Gonzalez says, "To me it means the world to have events such as these just in the way that it's opened many horizons. Often times as students we hold the academic integrity. However, we're not given those wings to really soar and really know that there are greater horizons out there."

Gonzalez is a presidential scholar at AC. She's part of an honors program where you have to obtain your G.P.A. at at least 3.5. Gonzalez says activities through the program motivate her to not just make a change in the community but in the world.

She says, "Trips such as China open new and bigger opportunities just to see the world in different eyes. Not just academically, but just really instills that potential to really be a change in the world."

Amarillo's Center City received 175,000 from Giuliani's event. The money will be used to add more banners, pedestrian lighting, and improve the streetscapes.

Jessica Abuchaibe NewsChannel 10.

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