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New Google tool helps voters find election information

New Google tool helps voters find election information

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The days voters have left to get in their early voting ballots are running out and scrambling to find one of those early voting locations can be a pain. 

But, help is available.

Google has made life easier for those of us looking for information online. But this tool isn't a compilation of other websites. This time, Google created its own tool for voters.  

 Now, anyone can just type in their address into Google's new "voter information tool" and instantly, it provides them with a list of early voting locations in their county, a map of where they are, and even specific times they're open.

Making that important information much more visible to the public.

"Sometimes people may have a little bit harder time finding it on our website than they do if they just go to Google," said Knoxie Mathis, Potter County Elections Administrator. "There' a lot of people I think that when they're doing things in computers and I know I'm one of them, if I'm looking for something I probably go into something where I just do a search."

As the number one search engine in the world, adding services like the voter page to Google may just be another sign of the times.

"It's an everyday thing now. If you don't have a computer you probably have a smart phone or vice versa," added Lead Technician for Cat-Man-Du in Amarillo, Jeremy Hollis. "So, if you don't have a smart phone you probably have a computer. I can't think of anybody in my life that I know that doesn't have either one."

Eliminating one more excuse someone might have for not voting.

"There's a lot of people that say they don't get the newspaper, they don't watch TV. Especially when you get into an election like this, it's kind of hard to say I don't know how you missed it," said Mathis.

"Everybody goes to Google," continued Hollis. "So, I think it's great that they put things like that up instead of just random information you can find exactly what you need right then and there."

That same voter information tool also provides information about candidates, specific races in a registered voter's county  and even important campaign topics. To access the tool, just go to the main Google page and search for "Google elections".