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More area red light cameras

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You may soon be seeing red light cameras at more local intersections.

Amarillo Boulevard and Tascosa Road is in line for a red light camera. This is the intersection of most concern with about 50 traffic violations a week. Amarillo Police Department Lieutenant Mike Miller says, "Obviously we can't have an officer out at every corner, every intersection in town. This helps us be able to identify those people, potentially, those people that are habitual people that run red lights."

After meeting Wednesday afternoon, Amarillo's Citizen Advisory Committee chose four intersections to recommend to the city for review so they can install cameras. Lt. Miller says, "I think those will be a big plus. It'll bring even more awareness to that problem of running red lights. " The locations include where Amarillo Boulevard intersects with Tascosa road, Pierce street, and Fillmore as well as Taylor at Southwest 10th Avenue.

City officials and police tell us area red light cameras already installed have decreased accidents and traffic violations. Amarillo Traffic Engineer Jerrold R. Bird says, "They've had a good impact on our citizens, making sure that the public's aware that running red lights is obviously a dangerous activity."

This is what prompted the city to ask the committee to review and select area intersections to add these devices. Miller says, "The more we discourage red light running, the bigger impact we're going to have on accidents, accident rates, and the better off the citizens of Amarillo are going to be for that."

Those who run red lights at intersections with these cameras will face a $75 dollar fine.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.