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CASA volunteers needed

Amarillo, Texas - Randall County more than doubles the rate of Texas for child abuse cases... That's according to CASA.

Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA is an organization in Amarillo that through volunteers, allows abused children in our area to have a voice.

CASA volunteer coordinator Lauren Giese says, "they go through training, get assigned a case, and then do an investigation. They get to know the child. Once or twice a month they see the child and see what's going on. They gain a relationship with them. They get to know the family as well. They get to know anybody else that's involved in the case."

The training she's talking about is currently 30 hours of on location training.

But to be more of a convenience for those interested in volunteering, there will be a few adjustments at the start of next year.

Giese says, "in the future we will be doing a 10 hour flex program which we are really excited about because we know you guys are busy. You guys have a lot on your plate. We want to make it accessible for you to become an advocate because we think it's so important. We will be doing 10 hours of training at casa and then you can do the rest online."

CASA is dominated by women volunteers, and Giese says they are in need of men volunteers to be a role model and friend to the young boys who have never had someone to look up to.

I was able to speak to one volunteer in training and she told me she hopes others see the experience as she does.

Noi Winston says, "it is worth it because you are concerned about the child. Children are people too. They have a voice. No child is the same. Each child has a different personality and you cannot treat each child the same because their situations and their circumstances are totally different."

For more information or if you would like to volunteer, call 806-373-2272.

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