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Energy drink dangers

Amarillo, Texas - Sales of energy drinks in the US grew to 8.9 billion dollars last year, according to Beverage Digest.

An Amarillo cardiologist says anything is poisonous in the right dose, especially energy drinks.

A study says an adult should consume no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Many energy drinks contain nearly that much in one can.

Not everyone who develops health issues from energy drinks already have pre existing heart conditions.

Jeanie Jeramillo of Texas Panhandle Poison Center says, "if they have a healthy heart, and they get a large amount, a large enough amount, they can actually develop seizures and heart dysrhythmias where the heart just doesn't pump properly. Which then results in a lack of oxygen to the brain and or other organs."

Energy drinks are not regulated by the FDA because they are considered dietary supplements.

Jeramillo says this means companies making these energy drinks, can put however much caffeine they want in them.  

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