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Cell phone ordinance petition ready to sign

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A petition is now available for Amarillo residents to sign regarding the recently passed cell phone ordinance.

A petition was filed a week ago on the cell phone ordinance. But, the goal of it isn't just a reverse, but to put the issue to a public vote.

"We did not ban cell phones in cars. We just said it's a safer way to do it, to use a hands free device. And there are many options for that," was Mayor Paul Harpole's comment after the ordinance passed four to one.

Commissioners said drivers need to be more responsible. But, petition organizers say the public should be able to vote on rights issues like this.

"It's time that we make sure that we as individuals have the freedom to make the choices, and with any choice there are consequences. And we have responsibilities while we drive," The Reverend Robert Taliaferro, petition supporter says.

Organizer David Kossey says they have had lots of feedback.

"My FaceBook page has personally been inundated with people saying I don't support what you're doing, but I believe the people of Amarillo should vote on it. And so a lot of people are realizing the city is making decision that affect them, they aren't able to attend the meetings, and so they think it should go public," Kossey says.

But Kossey does say he is for safety.

"Where I'm going with this is towards distracted driving. You know if you have a pet in the car or if you're eating then if you injure somebody or you harm somebody beyond that then you're going to pay additional to the law you already broke," Kossey says.

Kossey says distracted driving is what should be enforced, not just cell phone use.

A list of businesses where you can sign the petition can be found by clicking here, http://petitionamarillo.wordpress.com/locations-to-sign/