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New Xcel transmission lines re-energize growing communities

New Xcel transmission lines re-energize growing communities

Newly constructed transmission lines are now up and running to make sure parts of the North Texas Panhandle are getting enough energy.  Xcel Energy moved quickly on constructing those new lines because without them many areas wouldn't have the power to grow.

"We basically outgrew our electrical system in this region which is a good problem to have," said Xcel Energy Spokesperson Wes Reeves.

To keep up, Xcel Energy spent $90 million on constructing the new lines.

"We've got a much better transmission link from the Amarillo area directly to Dalhart," added Reeves. "So we're coming up through the Boys Ranch area, Channing, all the way to Dalhart."

Giving them the energy to power on, and the power to recover.

"Had we not done this, we really could've slowed down the recovery process and the expansion in that area so it's very critical for job creation," said Reeves.

Not only are those expanding areas benefiting from the construction of the new transmission lines, it's also welcome news to the wind industry in the Texas Panhandle.

"You have to build a wind farm where the wind is at and then figure out a way through transmission to get that energy to the areas that need it the most," said Class 4 Winds and Renewables Spokesperson AJ Swope.

We have some of the "best wind" in the world, Swope said, we just need a way to move it and with Xcel's plans for even more transmission lines, some might say, the winds of change are upon us.

"We've already seen several jobs created because of the wind energy industry and in our region and as it grows and it will grow by leaps and bounds just over the next three to five years, as it grows we'll see hundreds if not thousands more jobs throughout the region."

Reeves also said overall, Xcel will spend about one billion dollars on transmission lines around the Texas and New Mexico area.

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