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Clarendon College rodeo brings economic boost to community

Clarendon College rodeo brings economic boost to community

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For the first time in nearly 30 years, the City of Clarendon has been preparing to host the NIRA college rodeo event this weekend.

Clarendon College jumped at the chance to finally host this rodeo event this year because, according to school officials, it's been a long time coming.

"This is our first time to hold a collegiate rodeo in 29 years," said Clarendon College Athletic Director John Green. "It certainly won't be the last I can promise you that."

Not only will the rodeo be full of fun and exiting rodeo events, to Clarendon hosting this year's college rodeo smells like money.

"Estimates from when the event was held in Perryton were around $250,000," explained Clarendon Economic Development and Tourism Director, Chandra Eggemeyer. "They'll be buying food, they'll be buying clothes, buying things in Clarendon so it's a huge economic impact."

Thanks to events like this weekend's rodeo, the rodeo facility could see nearly half a million dollars worth of upgrades in the next several years like adding a concession area and permanent restrooms. Even local businesses like "Bar-H" are finding ways to soak up the extra cash.

"We get the kitchen ready, we've got some extra staff in our kitchen, we've got some extra wait staff and expos," said restaurant owner DeeDee Hommel. "And we're staying open extra hours so we're looking forward to a big crowd."

A lot of money brought into the community that will get spent at home, over and over again.

"We also use the grocery store here five or six times a day," added Hommel. "Cornnell's across the street, we use them. And the money turns over and over in this town and I think it's going to be good for everyone."

Anyone still interested in attending the rodeo can still get tickets at the gate each day for only eight dollars.