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Hundreds more area children in afterschool programs

Hundreds more area children are being enrolled in after school programs this year.

Area children are filling afterschool programs like Campfire USA, AISD's Extended School Day Program and the Maverick Boys and Girls Club Afterschool Program.

Campfire and Maverick both opened up new afterschool programs this year at area schools to take care of about 150 more students. And there are many more in need of care.

Alise Craig says, "There are just so many kids, that once school is out they're going home to no parents at home. So they're at home by themselves and afterschool programs provide the academic, you know, success that those kids need, extra tutoring. Adults to help out with the homework."

Amanda Graves is a full-time student and a single mother of two. She has a 7 year-old son and a 6 year-old daughter at Tradewinds Elementary.

Graves just enrolled them at the Maverick's afterschool program this year. She says, "It's just me and them at home so I really needed somebody to pick them up afterschool and give them something to look forward to."

Graves says having her son at maverick has helped him improve in school. She says, "My son has actually gone up two reading levels. When they started Sylvan, which was about three weeks ago, he's gone up two reading levels in school. You know, just with the reading program here."

And her daughter improve her behavior. "My daughter, she was having really bad behaviors. I mean horrible behaviors at school. Cutting up. And Ms. Alise and I came up together with a plan for her. And it's really benefited."

Graves says it helps her take care of them while she's studying. "I don't have to worry about, you know, them wanting to go outside and play at home. To where, you know, I can't watch them or attend to them. Because they're here and they're supervised."

More than one million parents and educators with Afterschool Alliance are doing an awareness campaign to make sure the funding for afterschool programs is not cut. They want to help reduce juvenile delinquency as well as high student drop out rates.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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