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Lockdown in Texas City lifted

Texas City, TX - A lockdown in Texas City has been lifted Thursday morning.

Officials worked to clean up most of the 300 gallon hydrochloric acid spill and residents are no longer forced to stay indoors.

A toxic cloud formed across the area following a tank rupture at the Dallas Group of America's plant Tuesday night.

The plant is along the coast of Galveston Bay.

The Texas Emergency Management Office says nine people are in the hospital right now after being exposed to the chemical, including four firefighters and some plant workers.

Their conditions are non-life threatening.

Hydrochloric acid is a widely used strong corrosive irritating acid that can potentially be harmful to your lungs, eyes, skin and intestines.

Several roads are reopening in the south part of the city.

Officials say they will be in the clean up phase for the next several days.

There are four levels of response to industrial accidents.

On the Texas City Emergency Management website, they called this incident a level 3.

This means the situation at the time was not under control and protective action was necessary for surrounding or off-site areas.

Texas city residents were the only one's in harm and siren warnings alerted them all Thursday morning.

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