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Candidates for State Representative

One of the candidates running for state representative says a big issue the state is facing is having sufficient jobs. The other says there's a lot of pressure on services because of our growing population.

Republican Four Price and Democrat Abel Bosquez are competing to be the Texas Representative for District 87. Four price currently holds this position and is also a lawyer. He's running again this year.

Price says a huge concern is the growing population which is expected to boom even more in the future. He says, "Many more people are utilizing state services and local services. It will stress and put pressure on our infrastructure. Our roads, highways, bridges. It will put pressure on our school districts. On our health care systems. On our water supplies."

Price says the state needs to invest more in those areas. He says, "Prioritizing our spending continues to be a big challenge largely due to all the demands on the same revenues. But educating our kids, protecting and strengthening our community colleges, making sure that we have a trained and skilled workforce available for employers who are coming to Texas, because it is such an attractive place, is very important."

Bosquez has been living in Amarillo for over 30 years. He's currently working at Pantex. This candidate says the main issue is providing enough jobs, and that this can be helped by investing more in education. Bosquez says, "During every legislative session, there's usually a budget shortfall. And the first place that they obtain money from is from the education fund. And we need to stay out of the education fund. The education fund is for education, not to finance every other department that is short."

Another concern he sees is the Voter ID law because he says it's basically charging you to vote. You need to pay about $25 dollars to get a birth certificate. Bosquez says, "All it is, is a form of a poll tax. You obtain a photo ID from DPS. It's free. The information that you need to obtain that photo ID is not."

The district the chosen candidate will represent covers Sherman, Moore, Potter and Carson counties.

You can vote for these candidates early now until November 2nd, or during the November 6th Election.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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